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Welcome to Leaders for Life Martial Arts


The Leaders For Life Difference

Leaders For Life Martial Arts is truly a one-of-a-kind company that specializes in giving the whole family a place where they can grow individually, while keeping family bonds strong. You can’t help but notice the family atmosphere, while still getting serious martial arts training. Check out the top 5 reasons our students have joined our Martial Arts family:

1. Serious Martial Arts

With 30 years of training in several areas of martial arts, we have had the pleasure of creating champions of all ages from the state to world levels. Our students learn that goal setting, self-discipline, and focus helps to equip them to think and act like champions. Many of our students do just that-even at a young age!

2. Life Skill Curriculum

Our life skill curriculum is taught every day in every class is the foundation that sets us apart. Our students stand out among their peers when they apply the life skills they’ve learned to their everyday lives. In order to bring out the leader within each of our students, we provide them with a safe environment where every student is able to develop their leadership skills at their own pace and to their fullest potential. They are all encouraged to practice and develop their leadership skills together, while we protect the environment from ridicule, bullying and discouragement. This allows each student to flourish without the fear of mockery from mistakes.

3. Self-Defense

We are passionate about teaching practical self-defense so that every student feels confident about protecting themselves in an emergency. By educating our students on what it takes to stay safe in a real street confrontation, they gain the peace of mind needed to live a life with confidence that they could defend themselves if needed.

4. Strong Family Bonds

Leaders For Life is a unique establishment where in one class the whole family can: train towards their black belts, get in shape, learn self-defense, and gain confidence. We’ve noticed that families thrive when they grow together on their quest for a lifetime of great habits. To ensure a great experience together at Leaders For Life, open communication is encouraged between a family and their instructor. We provide many levels of communication to strategize about a student’s goals and progress. Every individual student is considered a blessing and a responsibility that we take seriously.

5. Supporting Our Community

Community is a key ingredient to every L4L instructor, and we love to support the communities that have given us so much! As Partners In Education and conducting community service projects, we open up our safe, clean, and convenient facilities for our communities to enjoy.