Parents Rave about the Transformation

Our friends actually told us about this place

Our daughter, Lily, attends here at Leaders for Life. She’s been attending here for about three years now. Our friends actually told us about the place because they were also graduates of Leaders for Life. We checked it out, and Lily fell in love with it quickly. And so that’s how she got in. Yeah. She came here on the first day. And then we’re, “Okay. Let’s sign her up.”

It’s nice to have someone else reinforcing the good character traits that you need to have that aren’t your parents, because it means more sometimes when someone else says it. So they have a theme each week that they work on, and it’s nice to be able to talk about that on the car ride home. Or when it comes up in daily life to say, “Well, you guys talked about this in class. What did they say?” The self-confidence factor has really been a huge impact. I think she really believes in herself and the stuff that she does, both in here and outside with the community, with us, with other people. So you can really tell that a lot of the learnings that she’s having here from the leadership and self-esteem standpoint is really helping her. It has really increased. I thought it was very impactful, not to mention that she’s just excelling well. She’s getting ready to test for her first-degree black belt, which is something I’ve dreamed of wanting to do all my life and just couldn’t.

We love this school because Lily has good role models of what I would like her to evolve into, confident, smart, use the power of her voice that she can take up room in a situation. I love that she’s gained those qualities here. The uniforms aren’t tight. You don’t wear makeup. It’s not about how pretty you are. You’re not judged points for those things. It’s about self-confidence and how you hold yourself, and the things that you learn in martial arts help you hold yourself better out in the world.

If you want your child to learn solid martial arts, this is a great school for it. I know that we talked about all the other aspects of what our daughter is learning here, but she is turning into an incredible martial artist. I think she is really enjoying that physical aspect, it really makes for a fun overall experience for her. And I like that they expect good behavior outside of the school too. You have to have a paper signed from the child’s teacher saying they’ve been behaving in school or they can’t promote to the next belt. If we were ever running into a situation where we were struggling with something, we could talk to her teachers here and get support from them too. So it’s like having backup parents.

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We Know You Want Your Children to Be Prepared for Real Life

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be responsible and make good decisions. We want them, in short, to develop strong character and be ready for real life.  If children do not learn proper values and behavior when they are young, problems can develop. Having serious consequences as children grow older and are faced with peer pressure. Like most parents these are the type of things that keep us up at night worrying. Bullying, gangs, and drugs are still active in our city. Children deserve to learn life skills and self defense at an early age versus learning the hard way.

I think it’s aptly named, Leaders for Life.

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At Leaders for Life Martial Arts, we know you want your kids to be prepared for real life. In order to do that, you need your kids surrounded by good friends in a safe environment. The problem is, while life is moving fast, children are influenced by negative role models. Which makes you worried and concerned about their future. We created a place that reinforces the same values taught at home. We understand parenting is one of the most important jobs in the world and can be overwhelming sometimes. We are confident we can help and be a positive influence. We pride ourselves in partnering with parents to create future adults who are ready to take on life's challenges with confidence, discipline and habits that last a lifetime. Leading parents like you from worried to celebrating your child’s growth.



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Every Child is Different and has Unique Needs

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Feeling Nervous about How to Prepare Your Child for Real Life? 

Great News! Our Team Created a Free Guide to make it easier for you.

Download our FREE PARENT GUIDE on how to Bully Proof your Child and take future action with a single click.


Feeling Nervous about How to Prepare Your Child for Real Life? 

Great News! Our Team Created a Free Guide to make it easier for you.

Download our FREE PARENT GUIDE on how to Bully Proof your Child and take future action with a single click.




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